Food and Shelter for Those in Need

The Fathers House is a charitable program established by Heaven Invading Earth Ministries. We provide food and shelter as well as employment opportunities to homeless individuals.

Homeless Shelters1
Homeless Shelters

Helping Others in Life

Heaven Invading Earth Ministries also create opportunities for potential employment. Our organization works closely with various agencies in the area to help those in need to start a new journey in life.

A Home Open to All

Our shelter provides everything a person needs to lift themselves from their current situation. We accept people into our care no matter their circumstances. All we ask from them in return is to help us with the daily tasks and chores.

Program Mission

To gain independent living status and rehabilitate those who need help getting back on their feet.

Reach Out to Our Staff Members

We’re here to be someone’s helping hand. Contact us today at Heaven Invading Earth Ministries to learn more about donations and our program for homeless individuals.